Thanks for your advice in comment Tried direct AC power with no battery. Using a new adapter still the unit is not working. It sounds like motherboard failure. Maybe the adapter not working properly under load.

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Try apsire RAM modules one by one. Try replacing just the DC jack harness first. I been searching the internet for solutions, and i found this website. Wait for a few minutes.

Try replacing memory with new modules. This is my 3rd board! A couple weeks ago i was playing on my laptop. You have two memory modules installed, correct?

Laptop does not start. Is it bad power jack or motherboard? – Inside my laptop

I have a aepire presario tu laptop which acer aspire 4520 z03 now 3 years old. I had my AC adapter tested and it was fine, including the acre. So i found the fuse, but it is ok… the tester sounds when i test it. First of all, I would test the AC adapter. Then i tried to turn off by pressing start button for a while but it did acer aspire 4520 z03 turned off.

Hi, I have a sony TZN dropped on the floor which does not power on anymore.

Try reconnecting both memory modules. Does it run properly with only one memory module installed? The original problem that it wasnt charging and the power led and charging led were blinking.

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A aspier power supply acer aspire 4520 z03 can not be tested unless they are under load. And i connect the power only to the mother i remarq that the noisy is making near on a component on which is written 3R8 M You can try taking it apart to barebone system and see if it works.

If I restart, acer aspire 4520 z03 will do so. I have a HPDV Same…power led blinks once. Here is my history…. I acer aspire 4520 z03 assuming that the motherboard is faulty; where can Aspirw directly purchase a new one; can i purchase a particular model of motherboard directly, or will i have to deal directly with Dell?

I turned it off 1 night and started it up like normal and it froze as soon as i opened a program, now when i turn it on there is acwr Bios screen and it just keeps restarting itself. The more you use your laptop, the more you ruin not knowingly your adapter because of overheating. I get no power.

After that solder a new fuse. Is my motherboard shot or is there a fuse out? I have a HP pavilion ze Maybe it shorts something when the AC adapter is plugged.

Also, unplug the AC caer, remove the battery, wait for a few minutes. I have a Dell XPSthat when acer aspire 4520 z03 in and powered up, the only lights that come on are acer aspire 4520 z03 battery charging light and the wifi light. I have a HP pavilion ze zeus WhenI plug it in the battery charge light is flashing. The power, and battery lights show, DVD rom runs but shows nothing, i have tried to observe it and it runs then stops, removes the power light then starts again but without displaying anything.

Battery has been 44520 for a long time, but always ran off the adapter without a problem.

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Take a look at this guide. Fuse seems to test okay as well! Try moving from one slot to acer aspire 4520 z03. Have a Toshiba PD. Hi, I have a problem with my HP laptop gdx.

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