One hour after that it was turned on and surprise! If I play with it trying to open it or closing to a certain point it will work. Occasionally, it will go back to the desktop, but eventually it does this color changing screen. When the laptop is first booted the LCD screen has nothing but vertical lines. I applied more pressure, and wow! So I knew that the LCD and video are still working fine. Lots of flickering too.

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Is this likely to be a cost efficient repair? Are you sure the new screen is in a good working condition?

Fixing bad video on LCD screen | Laptop Repair

Sometimes they appear yellow, when I view a web page that has a white background. I have yet to open it up dwvice wondering what my current options are. The HP Marketing Document Library for QuickSpecs, accessible from your desktop nc8000 base system device mobile device, is a convenient central resource providing technical overviews and specifications for HP hardware and software.

Perhaps take this issue up with the eBay claims department? I had a lattitude cpx j seriers.

The laptop is about 18 months old. Toshiba P three years old — out of warranty. If you can give me your laptop model number, I can look up for the video cable part number. I have the problem you illustrate in example 6: There has got to be a way to fix a screen that has problems like in example I want nc8000 base system device know if this is related to the discoloration in the lcd which i also have. Hi cj, First of all thanks for such an awesome resource for troubleshooting notebook problems.

He got an error message, something about something being corrupt and needing to use the boot CD or something to that effect. Is there an inexpensive fix? When I turn it on in the mornings, the screen is a disaster of moving lines etc. If the background is a nc8000 base system device color it almost disappears.

Do you have any ideas on what needs to be replaced next? After that I repaired over 15 Satellite As with exactly same problem gray screen with white horizontal lines by replacing nc80000 motherboard.

I have reseated cable hardness from lcd to mothe board so many time. I doubt that lines on the screen could be nc8000 base system device to a failed hard drive.

QuickSpecs Overview

My laptop was fixed after I replaced the LCD screen. Find a known good memory stick, install it and test the laptop again. Subscribe – HP internal HP employees and contingent workers. I know Nc8000 base system device can fix it, if I knew what needed to be fixed. Hi, my laptop DELL m developed a solid 1 inch thick vertical white bar to the right of my screen.

Hope you can help me. Now it suddenly decides to work! AS A few days ago the display started showing nc8000 base system device 3inch black area on the right. Just in case test the video output on an external monitor. Blow off the heatsink with compressed air. I exacuted a full restore. I recently had a spill on my laptop i immeditately turned it upside down in the sink and turned it off. My video distorts at random and forces me to restart my laptop.

I have the feeling the only way to fix it is with a new screen, but I would appreciate any thoughts. The same pattern appears on the external monitor.

QuickSpecs access through HP Marketing Document Library

When I turn on the computer baxe screen comes in nc8000 base system device then dims out. It works fine with a charged battary, But does not work with the adapter and or charge the Battary. In my case it was happening because the wireless antenna cable was damaged and the wire got exposed. Still, from the description given, I thought I could do this. See when I nc8000 base system device started my laptop up, it would turn on, but it would remain a black screen.

It started to grow and change colors and more lines appeared until most of the display was covered in multicolor lines. I am having a problem with my lsptop LCD. Hi, Hats off to this resource, before anything else. Before you replace the LCD screen, try reconnecting the video cable.

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