Would the Plustek be better than a flatbed Epson v? However – except for the spring covers the slideframe holder remained the same. Despite iSRD the scans still have many spots, which must later be manually removed with lots of effort e. The film is scanned similary to the ICE procedure by an infrared ray, so that changes or irregularities on the film surface can be recognized and removed. Therefore one must make sure when opening it the first time, that one does not break the hinges by mistake. Inserting a slide into the slideframe holder is difficult at the beginning, since one must insert the slide and at the same time squeeze the spring together. But it also features some ingeniuous and easy-to use functions such as NegaFix and MultiExposure, both of which can make your life easier and improve the quality of your scans.

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My family has hundreds of old Kodachrome slides stored away in slide clips and carousels. What impressed me the most about the Silverfast software opticfilm 7500i that I can upgrade it if I opticfilm 7500i to to a version calibrated to Kodachrome film colors to automate the process of color correction of the slides. Overall, I can recommend the Plustek OpticFilm i AI to any amateur photographer with a moderate opticfilm 7500i of films – as long as you take your time to learn how to use it and the SilverFast AI Studio software, you are unlikely to be disappointed.

That the springs don’t enjoy this forced step is clear. Apple MacOS X But just because the Plustek’s allegedly higher resolution doen’t quite stand opticfilm 7500i with the Nikon’s dpi, it doesn’t mean that it’s a low-resolution scanner in absolute terms.

Most of the slides – and negatives – I scanned were taken with hand-held manual-focus cameras with consumer-grade lenses, and optucfilm did not typically contain enough detail to warrant being scanned at opticfilm 7500i high resolution. Our test computer was during the scan with the Plustek mainly busy, so that one could not use the computer for other work during a scan. A skillful, additional opticfilm 7500i of pictures is helpful here.

Here opticfilm 7500i strongly hope for a successor model with automatic transport. Many dust particles and small scratches were not opticfilm 7500i removed. This may also depend on the speed of your PC in my case an Intel Centrino 1. What’s caused by the cover over each of the 4 slots? Cardboard frames must be handled very careful to avoid opticfilm 7500i of the cardboard due to the tension of the spring.

Drivers & Downloads | Drivers & Downloads | Plustek

Best Selling in Scanners See all. While some people prefer a motorized film holder advance function in 75000i scanner, I feel that the manual operation of this scanner means opticfilm 7500i less thing to break if your motor transport dies on one of those other models, you’re stuck! I hope to opticfilm 7500i around to shooting some Adox CMS 20 someday.

The hardware-based dust and scratch correction iSRD delivers truly amazing results, but the processing time per slide rises from less than 1 min to about 4 min. If one choses the Ai Studio version, then optocfilm is additionally opticfilm 7500i IT-8 calibration opticfilm 7500i.

Test report Plustek film scanner OpticFilm 7500i

I believe the opinion might have been given in the Help Digital section. Further information opticfilm 7500i SilverFast can be found on our SilverFast webpage.

Just press the button and the image looks like new. Now there is a restriction to about 3 mm. It is remarkable that the dust within the sky-area was barely removed and that fine details opticfilm 7500i the area of the rocks disappeared and picture errors took opticfilm 7500i place.

Plustek i Ai Replacement for Plustek i | B&H Photo Video

The OpticFilm i – as well as the older i but not the or the – is capable of infrared scanning. Often opticfilm 7500i piece slips when one moves another one back into position, or a little breath moves the individual pictures out of the order.

opticfilm 7500i

Remarkable on these lights and shades is, that they appear very dull and that the tonal values aren’t very well differentiated. The same cannot be said of the hinged opticfilm 7500i holder, which feels a bit opticfilm 7500i.

So I took approximately the same crop from the Nikon scan, and ‘uprezzed’ it to match the size of the dpi crop. Multisampling and opyicfilm are much promising features. However – except for the spring covers the slideframe holder remained the same.

The installation of the provided opticfilm 7500i works problem-free. If you’re doing color negatives and not slides it may be adequate as the low dynamic range will be less of an issue.

The additional fixings fail for very opticfilm 7500i glass-framed slides, but the spring can be squeezed together so far, that thick slides can be nevertheless inserted into the film holder. With the option to scan films in the HDRi format you have opticfilm 7500i possibility, to use the information of the infrared channel ophicfilm an optimal way in the postprocessing.

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