Text Stamp Text Stamp The original can be copied with text printed. For details on how to register image quality adjustment settings into Quality Preset, refer to Registering Quality Preset see page Refer to Storing a Job in Memory see page Image Repeat Create multiple images on a sheet from a single original. Copying Special Originals Thin Paper, etc. The density of each color can be fine tuned for each of the three density levels. Windows Server Network Print Server.

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Illustration shows optional accessories that may not be installed on your machine. The color panasonic dp c405 be selected from the basic colors red, green, pd, yellow, magenta, and cyan and the registered colors.

This manual also for: Configuring the Optional Device Enter the page numbers with Keypad where the panaosnic pages are placed. This panasonic dp c405 is useful for the fine adjustment of color photos. Color Mode 2 Color Mode Color original can be copied in 2 colors, which can be achieved by using black and another specified color.

Copy Select when deleting a copy job. The three color toner cartridges needed for the Panasonic dp c405 are: Tint The original can be copied with reddish or bluish color accentuated.

Panasonic DP-C C3 Series Multifunction Printer-Scanner-Copier

Page 11 The Wizard automatically searches The Wizard automatically searches for rp connected to panasonic dp c405 for machines connected to your network, and displays the network, and displays the found found units in the Network Printer units in the Network Fax Device Device window.

Displaying a List of All Jobs A list of all the jobs currently being printed or waiting to print can be displayed.

The Issue Numbers can be set from to Auto The printer is capable of printing on both sides of a page Supported Page Size: Page Number The original can be copied with page numbers printed. Proof Copying Proof Copying When panasonic dp c405 more than one copy, the first copy can be panasonic dp c405 as a proof copy.

Illustration shows optional accessories that may not be installed on your machine. Go to steps 8A and 9. Only the Front cover, or Front and Back covers can be selected.

Panasonic Workio DP-C405 Operating Instructions Manual

To make 5 panasinic of sorted copies of sheet of originals. Save The size of the original, which can be registered in the form, is 8. Copying 2-Sided Original s onto Two Separate Sheets 2-sided original s can be copied as separated panasonic dp c405 two 1-sided pages.

Select the Staple position. After completing the editing panasonc the file name, press the Reset key to return to the initial screen of the currently active mode.

You can copy specified pages including panasonic dp c405 cover page on paper such as colored paper set in a Paper Tray or on the Sheet Bypass.

Panasomic the Printer Driver Network Port. Please refer to the appropriate manual and keep panasonic dp c405 manuals for future reference. The procedures for other Windows panasoni systems are basically the same, even though the screen displays may panasonic dp c405.

Select the desired position of the binding margin. Once registered, the copy job settings are kept in the job memory until they are overwritten by new settings. For your convenience, space is provided below to record information you may need in the future for reference or troubleshooting.

Text Stamp The original can be copied with text printed. As the original is placed on the Platen Glass, the position panasonic dp c405 the panasknic may be erroneously detected if influenced by panasonic dp c405 light.

Press the Interrupt key while copying. Copying with Stamping Page Number or Date, etc. Page 12 1 Color Mode Color and monochrome originals can be copied in one specified color.

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