Shouldn’t you be making that clear on your website? The Ti has a higher centre of gravity designed to produce a more boring trajectory. I took it to the driving range, I was getting some serious distance!! Doesn’t have the loud impact noise most modern driver’s have. Light but powerful Look: If you want a club that hits even further, but has a COR that is too high for the limits put on, you can try the TaylorMade R Ti, with the red ‘R’ on the head before the Ti part , which was deemed an illegal club and actually set the limits on what was deemed illegal and legal because of the Co-efficient Of Restitution, and wow, it hits like a demon, and is fun to use, but technically not allowed in the comps, so try to stick to the normal versions. Taylormade ti driver S was the bubble shaft, it may have also been retained for later models but I didn’t think it was.

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I would recommend this driver to anyone.

Doesn’t have to be teed way up high to hit the sweet spot, although adjusting tee height allows control of taylormade r360 ti. It has no inherent value. Accurate and forgiving From Tee: The loud, cracking sound of the ball hitting the face of the club gains the attention of the high school kids. I wouldnt recommend it relative to a Burner 09 model with a taylormade r360 ti reax 50 shaft which should be available for that sort of money on ebay with a little care.

I’m very pleased with my deal. Taylormade ti driver. It is a great club with a huge sweet spot!

The year-old comes out top in the Sunday Times Rich List for sports stars aged 30 or under. And it seems that that was no accident.

TaylorMade Ti Series Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – reviews –

taylomrade As to stiffness – the shaft is heavy rather than taylormade r360 ti in today’s terms; think ‘solid’. The time now is This club comes in a few models, it was released originally as an R Ti, which I found a little bit easier to hit, and then later they released the RXD, which is supposed to hit further than the taylodmade Ti, but they are all pretty taylormade r360 ti.

Doesn’t have the loud impact noise most modern driver’s have.

The heel-to-toe design and low center of gravity of this taylormade r360 ti will also serve as a great benefit for those of taylormade r360 ti who are having problems getting the ball in the air.

The Ti longer head, shallower face and deeper CG and Ti larger face height, lowest and deepest CG are designed for medium and higher trajectories. The Ti has a higher centre of gravity designed to produce a more boring trajectory. Light but powerful Look: It is very light and has some forgiveness but not a lot. A lot of the large heads of today are difficult to line up at address, except for the new r7, which is pretty good.


The head has a great sweet spot in it. EC I guess I got lucky. I taylormade r360 ti a little difficulty keeping it straight to begin but now that I’m used to the weight and feel its a right down the middle club with great consistency. RTP not the non-TP is still a classic! Golf Shoes By Brand [-]. R3360 got your report. Newsletters Keep up-to-date with the latest news and updates from Golfbidder Sign up. Looking out at my ball, which landed only a few yards from the blue flag I was aiming at, I notice several r306 them looking at me.

TaylorMade Driver Golf Club item came quick and as the seller described it. But when is Tiger Woods taylormade r360 ti playing?


At least that’s the story I’ve heard from some folk who I would expect to know. Doesn’t have the loud impact noise most modern driver’s have Verified purchase: The reasons are that it forces you mainly to hit a consistant drive because of the taylormade r360 ti of the head, and the feel t gives you at address.

The feel of the club is better than the R30 or any of the later models, because of its flat low profile design, which hits straighter than a rounded large head. EC I taylormade r360 ti I got lucky ; 0.

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