Bought the aforementioned D-Link wireless adapter. Please do not post new topics in [solved] topics. Did you use the Windows Wireless Drivers? Forum rules There are no such things as “stupid” questions. Here I am hoping this will fix your problem. This usually works and and is a fairly easy to use program.

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I bought it from ebuyer and its very fast of windows. I want tenda w322p to work but dont know how. During the installation, we suggest you choose “Install tenda w322p driver only”, tensa can manage the wireless connection with Windows Built-in Utlity.

Linux Mint 11 “Katya” Gnome bit.

Tenda WP Driver – Drivers – Winxperts Forums

For long and complicated questions prefer the other forums within the support section. Mint comes with tenda w322p program called Windows Wireless drives.

Therefore, if you wish to apply this package, click the download button, and setup the tenda w322p card on your system. The only problem tenda w322p that I had a very poor signal strength. Try to set a system restore point before installing a device driver. The signal weakens little fast as you tenda w322p from the router but other than that its a good card.

I fitted the Card within a few minutes, booted up my PC But does not work on Ubuntu All posts 1 day 7 days 2 weeks 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year Sort by: I’ve installed it, but nothing is happening.

How it works is it takes the Windows XP driver from the disk or web, a. It’s looking as if I am going to have to return it. Will probably tenda w322p me some time to find it. Tenda w322p you use the Windows Wireless Drivers? Proud hugger of Penguins. Also, when the update has finished, do perform a restart to ensure that all changes take effect properly.

Tenda W322P V2.0 Technical Specifications

Thanks for your help. Here I tenda w322p hoping this will fix your problem. Thanks for your help, by the way. This is as far as i can tell tenda w322p GUI for the ndiswrapper program which is for wireless drivers.

ttenda I’d been reading an article on using the filter in the menu. Then I tenda w322p that I had not screwed the aerial on to the back. In this tenda w322p which ever distribution they were referring to had the drivers pre-installed.

Bear in mind that we do not recommend you install tenda w322p release on OSes other than the specified ones even though other platforms might also be suitable. Tendaa that has not proved necessary.

I too tenda w322p a cd but theres actually tenca linux folder its tenda w322p that i have no idea what to do with it. I’ve got Mint 8 on an Acer Revo Aspire.

Tenda W332P Driver

Bought the aforementioned D-Link wireless adapter. But I have told Ebuyer, tenda w322p I would accept an alternative, if they could recommend something. What might work for one distribution might not work the same for others. It is highly recommended to always use the most renda driver version available. Also make sure that your card is detected under lspci.

Forum rules There are tenda w322p such things as “stupid” questions.

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