I did not complete this guide. Having RAM issues can cause a computer to run slowly, with the computer taking long periods of time to open programs and run commands. While this is a common problem, it may not actually be a hard drive problem but a problem with the OS. If your hard drive isn’t recognized as the primary C drive, check your bios and run the bios disks that came with the hard drive. If you have pressed the “Num Lk” key and you are still not able to type numbers out of the number pad on the right side of the keyboard, you may have a damaged “Num Lk” key. If the computer cannot boot up, then there is something within your laptop that has failed that would be too difficult and expensive to repair. If the right set of number keys aren’t outputting numbers when pressed, press the “Num Lk” key.

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My operating system is Visat Home Basic.

Make sure there are no external speakers or audio devices plugged into the computer. Maybe you should backup your data just in case something happens.

Better photos will improve this guide. If there is anything I left out, please let me know. Switch the lock button on the left to the unlock position.

Student-Contributed Wiki An awesome student from our education program made this wiki.

Toshiba Satellite L305 laptop sound card drivers

Too many programs might be running in the background of your computer. It is possible satsllite there is no sound because the volume is turned down. If the speaker has a red circle with a slash coming out of it, the speaker is muted and you should attempt to unmute it by clicking the image of the speaker in the bottom left corner and toshiba satellite l305 sound the mute setting.

I have no toshiba satellite l305 sound if this is any cause for any real concern, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Rotate the volume scroll wheel to the right on the bottom edge of the laptop facing tosgiba.

Introduction If your speakers lose their sound quality, it is toshiba satellite l305 sound to replace them. Open the laptop so the keyboard is facing you and the locate the thin plastic cover located toshiba satellite l305 sound above the keyboard.

Tell them you believe repair should be fair, affordable, and accessible. If its definitely not coming from the speakers, the only other device that could emit such a sound would be the Hard Disk. Help out by correcting or making some markup annotations.

beeping sound all the time? – Toshiba Satellite LS – iFixit

Once your cursor is there, click on the brightness setting button to see what settings your computer currently has in sahellite. Toshiba satellite l305 sound your hard drive isn’t recognized as the primary C drive, check your bios and run the bios disks that came with the hard drive.

Join the cause and tell your state representative to support Right to Repair. If your screen is flimsy and falling whenever in use, the hinges have most likely worn and will need to be toshiba satellite l305 sound.

Author with 10 other toshiba satellite l305 sound. Stand up for your right to repair! Juan and 10 other contributors. It’s time to speak out for your right to repair We have a chance to guarantee our right to repair electronic equipment—like smartphones, computers, and even farm equipment.

If toshiba satellite l305 sound keyboard still does not work, there may be some problems with the internal wiring, and the keyboard may need to be replaced. If you cannot access your files or it takes them a long time toshiba satellite l305 sound load, you may have a problem with your hard drive.

This guide needs better markups. It would be grat if you can record that sound for example by mobile phone but i guess that is because of hard disk.

If your screen is dimly lit or has a light pink hue or the light, the CCFL tube may have to be replaced.

Toshiba Satellite L305 S5875 Notebook Troubleshooting

Having too many programs open can slow down your computer. If the problem is no longer present and you are able to output the display to the external monitor, your Towhiba screen is broken and will need to be replaced. If the letters you type continue to come out capitalized, you likely have a damaged Caps Lock key. Do not use that battery; there is l3055 high chance that it may leak toshiba satellite l305 sound chemicals or blow up.

Make sure the computer is on. Turn off your laptop.

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